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Types Of Nightclubs
Clubbing in the UK is no longer restricted to hard house dance music in sweaty dance halls, oh no, these days there are many types of nightclubs to be found in cities across the UK, from gay and alternative clubs to R ‘n’ B and jazz nightclubs.

Here we take a look at the most popular types of nightclubs you will find, and give you few examples of the top club names to watch out for.

Gay Nightclubs
These generally fall into two categories; gay clubs and gay-friendly clubs. Gay clubs usually only allows openly gay men and lesbians in, while gay-friendly clubs allows both gay and straight people in. Amongst the most popular, and most famous, of the UK’s gay clubs are Heaven in London, Essential in Manchester, The Amsterdam in Brighton, and Bennets in Glasgow.

R ‘n’ B Nightclubs
Usually offering a more chilled out vibe than your hard house nightclubs, R ‘n’ B clubs are all about great music, large dance floors and chill out rooms. As well as playing classic R ‘n’ B, expect to hear funk, soul and hip-hop belting out of the speakers in these clubs. Among the most popular R ‘n’ B nightclubs in the UK, are The Velvet Rooms in Glasgow, Cargo in Central London, Aqua in Manchester, and The Jam House in Birmingham.

Chart Dance Nightclubs
If you’re more into cheesy chart music and classic 70s and 80s pop, then you’ll want to go to a chart dance nightclub, such as Jumpin’ Jacks in Manchester and Leeds, Bakers in Birmingham, The Beach or Creation in Brighton, and Flares in Liverpool. These types of nightclubs are popular with the general crowd and so attract a large mix of people of all ages.

Rock/Alternative Nightclubs
Those of you who are into indie, rock and heavy metal music will probably want to avoid other types of nightclubs and head for an alternative club, such as Rock World in Manchester, Deathdisco in London, the Birmingham Academy and Edwards in Birmingham, and Concorde 2 in Brighton. Not only do alternative nightclubs and rock clubs play alternative music, but often act as a live music venue as well, giving you the chance to see up and coming bands as well as well established bands play live

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