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Top UK Nightclub Destinations
Clubbing proves popular in most cities in the UK, but there are some destinations that are simply the cream of the clubbing crop and die-hard clubbers flock there in their thousands to party on down in the best clubs in the UK.

So if you want to know the best clubbing destinations in the UK, then read on for our guide to nightclubs in the UK’s clubbing hotspots, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and Brighton.

Clubbing in Birmingham
With a range of famous clubs, Birmingham is the place for clubbing in the Midlands. Whether you’re looking for dance, funk, indie, hip-hop or heavy metal – there’s a nightclub in Birmingham for you.

The trendiest people head to Air in Birmingham, a relatively new club on the scene with three large rooms – The Oxygen Arena, The Nitrogen Room and The Carbon Lounge. This club is run by the famous Gods Kitchen posse and has already gathered a reputation that puts it in the top five of Birmingham’s hottest clubs.

Perhaps, Birmingham’s most famous club night, and certainly its best-loved, Miss Moneypenny’s can now be found at HQ, which also hosts Archive and the legendary Lovestruck club nights. Other Birmingham nightclubs worth checking out include the Birmingham Academy, Edwards, The Jam House, and The Works.

Clubbing in London
Mecca to thousands of clubbers who travel from throughout the UK and Europe every weekend to experience the Great British clubbing culture, London is the capital of clubbing cool. From retro party animals to alternative rockers, whatever your taste in music you’ll find a wealth of great places to visit in London.

One option is Camden Palace in North West London, which is one of the capital’s top nightclubs. Alternatively, there’s the Rhythm Factory in the East End, which has been voted one of the five friendliest clubs in London and has a number of dance floors playing the best dance tracks. Of course, no trip to the bright lights of the capital would be complete without heading to the infamous Ministry of Sound, where some of the world’s best DJs do their thing while celebrities mingle with die-hard clubbers.

For pure house music why not try The Fridge in southwest London, which is one of the city’s classiest clubs and has club nights such as Knowhere, Blast and Free Formation. Other London nightclubs worth paying a visit to include Imbibe, Cargo, Fabric, Heaven, Oceana and Deathdisco, while if you want to do some serious celeb spotting, try your luck gaining entry into the hugely famous Chinawhite nightclub.

Clubbing in Manchester
Now almost as popular as the clubbing culture in London or Brighton, Manchester is the place for northern die-hard clubbers to be seen. So while you’re here make sure you check out Rock World for heavy metal and rock, Club Phoenix for funk and trance, 5th Avenue for indie music, or Infinity for pure dance.

Alternatively you could head to The Ritz, now an institution among Manchester’s clubbers or, if you want to spot a celebrity or two, make your way to Tiger Tiger, Ampersand or Aqua.

Clubbing in Leeds With a great mix of chill-out lounges and thumping house music nightclubs, Leeds has certainly come of age where clubbing is concerned. Choose from nightclubs such as The Cockpit, which was voted venue of the year by Radio 1 in 2002, Life, and Creation, three clubs that attract the crowds from far and wide every weekend.

Other fantastic nightclubs in Leeds include Halo, which opened in September 2004 and has already won a strong fan base, BrB, The Bourbon Bar, and Fibre, which is seriously chic.

Clubbing in Glasgow
The place to be seen among Scotland’s clubbers, Glasgow has a huge selection of nightclubs offering dance, hip-hop, garage and great cheesy music.

Reputedly the largest nightclub in Scotland, Archaos is a mammoth place with three floors and designer décor. At the very top of the building, Glasgow's rich and famous hang out in the VIP Sky Bar, while the rest dance the night away to house mix and club tracks on the other floors.

Another of the city’s finest nightclubs and a favourite among serious clubbers is The Arches, which has a monthly big name dance night on Friday and Saturday, including Colours, Pressure and Inside Out, as well as the regular influx of guest DJs.

Other Glasgow nightclubs worth checking out include Babaza, The Tunnel, the Velvet Rooms, Alaska, Fury Murry’s and Media.

Clubbing in Brighton
With a world famous clubbing scene that is nothing short of spectacular, Brighton is where the ultra cool die hard clubbers flock to enjoy dance, indie, salsa, pop, retro and garage playing every night of the week in the city’s many nightclubs.

Probably the most popular venue of the moment among clubbers is Creation, the city’s busiest club that hosts Brighton’s biggest student night, while the most famous of the city’s nightclubs The Escape, which plays dance, house and garage music.

Other Brighton nightclubs worth checking out include The Zap, The Beach, The Paradox, Concorde 2, Casablanca, the Jazz Rooms, The Event II, and The Enigma.

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