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Clubbing In The U.K.
With an international reputation for great music and a great time, the UK clubbing scene is the most popular in the world, so much so that it spread its wings to Ibiza, Argentina, Australia and America, to name a few.

But if you want to experience the hype in dance music’s birthplace then you’re going to want to head to one of the UK’s many nightclubs, including Ministry of Sound in London, Creation in Leeds, Cream in Liverpool, and Miss Moneypenny’s in Birmingham. Of course there are plenty of other nightclubs to choose from in towns and cities across the UK, including Liquid, a chain of nightclubs that has clubs in locations from Aberdeen to Windsor.

In general, nightclubs in the UK are open on Friday and Saturday nights from about 10pm until 2am. But these days, particularly in university towns and clubbing hotspots, such as London and Brighton, nightclubs are open seven days a week, with some staying open until 4am or 5am, so you really can dance ‘til dawn!

Once you arrive at a nightclub, wherever you are in the UK, you’ll find a huge mix of people from all walks of life. Many professionals, such as solicitors and doctors, enjoy clubbing but so do blue collar workers and students. You will probably find it’s mainly 18 to 35-year-olds who are out clubbing at the weekends, although older people tend to go to chilled-out club lounges where you can sit down and chat with friends.

The legal age for drinking alcohol in the UK is 18 years of age, and most clubs follow this rule for their entry requirements, although some have a strict over 21s or over 25s door policy, particularly in larger cities. You should always take a form of photo identification with you to a nightclub, because if the door staff feel you look under age they have the right to refuse you entry to the club.

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